Hidden Springs is a 1,700-acre, multi-phased, mixed-use, planned community located in the Dry Creek Valley in Ada County, Idaho.  Barry Semple has managed the project since it’s inception in 1994.  RiveRidge was hired, in 2004, to complete the project, comprising the final four phases that included 460 single-family lots. Services for the project included preliminary and final platting, design of infrastructure improvements, including road and drainage, storm water management, sewer collection, lift station and force main, water distribution, a bridge crossing Dry Creek, construction consultation and observation.  The project entitlements required the reconstruction and 1.4 miles of the existing Dry Creek Road, including a bridge replacement, for which RiveRidge provided design and construction consultation services. 


The Rookery is a 32 lot, residential redevelopment of the center of the Bown Crossing project in Boise, Idaho.  The primary product is single-family patio homes and duplex townhomes.  Services included applications for a PUD and preliminary and final platting, design of infrastructure improvements including road and drainage, storm water management, sewer collection and water distribution.


Cartwright Ranch is a proposed 680-acre, multi-phased, mixed-use, planned community located in the Dry Creek Valley, adjacent to Hidden Springs, in Ada County, Idaho.  RiveRidge joined the project team at the project’s inception and has assisted the developer through the entitlement and preliminary plat approvals.  Build out of the project will include 625 single and multi-family units.  The project entitlements required the reconstruction of 1.7 miles of the existing Cartwright Road, for which RiveRidge has provided design and construction administration services. 


The Blackhawk development, originally known as the Hait Ranch, consisted of more than 1280-acres of partially wooded farm land with over 5 miles of Payette River frontage and up to 13 miles of braided side channels.  RiveRidge inherited the project in 2004 with the development of the 137 lot Blackhawk on the River phase.  This phase includes its own sewer collection, treatment and land disposal system and its own domestic water well with fire and domestic water distribution system.  The phase also includes 2 multi-acre amenity ponds that have been stocked for trophy trout fishing.   Since completing the construction of Blackhawk on the River, we have completed the design of Blackhawk Meadows, including 162 single family residential lots and fronting over 2 miles of the river.  We have also prepared and assisted the developer with the now approved Blackhawk Ridge and Blackhawk Lake final phases of the development. 


The River Ranch development, located in Canyon County, just west of the City of Star, consists of the multi phased 186 lot single family residential subdivision fronting the Boise River. Phases 1 and 2 consist of approximately 103 lots, which have been platted.  RiveRidge Engineering services included preparing construction documents for the project’s infrastructure, elevating the site out of the Boise River floodplain, excavation of amenity and irrigation ponds, extending offsite sewer and water to connect to the services for the City of Star.  The design also required the design and installation of a regional sewage lift station that will serve this entire region of the local sewer district and a pressure irrigation distribution system that utilizes existing surface water rights.


The Tree Farm is a 360-acre, multi-phased, mixed-use community located in Meridian, Idaho. RiveRidge has been involved with the project since it’s inception and has provided engineering support services for the annexation and rezoning of the property, preliminary platting of 144-acres of the property, final platting and design of infrastructure improvements for a 140 lot first phase, including roads and drainage, storm water management, water distribution and sewage collection, and construction consultation for the first phase completed in the summer of 2008.


The Harris Ranch residential/commercial development is Boise’s first approved development under the Boise City Specific Plan Ordinance. The project encompasses approximately 1800-acres of riverfront, valley floor and foothills land with a wide range of single and multi-family housing mixed with over 1.5 million square feet of commercial space. RiveRidge’s services have included assistance with project master planning of the entire infrastructure, including roadway circulation, sewer collection, water distribution, storm water collection and disposal alternatives, and pressure irrigation. RiveRidge also provided feasibility planning, including coordination with agencies, contractors and developer. RiveRidge Engineering also provides all construction observation and coordination with Agencies, Contractor, and Developer. Specialized planning has been essential in gaining agency approvals that account for prudent consideration of the sensitive wildlife habitat, wetlands, river floodplains and floodways, and traffic and pedestrian circulation in and around the development.

Dallas Harris Estates also contains Idaho's first Community Infrastructure District ("CID").  The CID serves as a funding mechanism to provide for the design, construction and payment of specific public infrastructure that will ultimately be owned and maintained by public agencies.  Dallas Harris Estates formed the Harris Ranch CID for the design of the Boise City Fire Station No. 15, located onsite; design and construction of the Boise City/Ada County Greenbelt extension along the north bank of the Boise River; and for the purchase of land for the parkway that will become an arterial roadway to facilitate traffic around the development.

RiveRidge Engineering Company provided all Assessment Engineering services associated with the creation and implementation of the Harris Ranch CID.
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